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At The Trauma Recovery Place, we take a multidimensional approach to trauma treatment and recovery. With a core focus on treating complex trauma, we specialize in working with high-functioning individuals who have spent years in therapy and tried multiple methods, with little progress or relief. Through our innovative Ensemble Method, we provide simultaneous psychotherapy and bodywork therapy to help our clients break the cycle of fear and terror to experience relief, healing and wholeness.

As therapist consultants, we offer diagnostic consulting for healers seeking new perspectives and approaches in the treatment of trauma, as well as seminars, retreats and trainings in our signature Ensemble Method.


Trauma Therapy for Individuals

Trauma can occur as a single event or as a series of traumatic events that happen over time. Whether trauma takes place during childhood or later in life, its effects manifest in different ways and can result in a cycle of fear, terror and unrelenting suffering.

At The Trauma Recovery Place, we work with clients who've tried everything to recover from trauma, from psychotherapy and psychotropics, to inpatient stays and experiential therapies. Many of our clients are high achievers who feel they should be able to rise above their issues, and they see their symptoms as a sign of weakness or failure. They've learned strategies to cope and keep their suffering hidden – even from themselves.

If this experience is familiar to you, we can help. We offer an integrated approach to trauma treatment that's designed to help you break the cycle of fear and terror. Trauma expert Xue Yang and bodywork specialists Amber Grant and Lacey Klem work together to provide customized treatment plans that expedite results. Using the proven tools of Somatic Experiencing, craniosacral therapy, Reiki and medical massage, we address the driving factors behind your symptoms, so you can live with ease and flexibility.

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Ensemble Method

An Integrated Standard of Care
for Trauma Treatment

Many psychological approaches to trauma treatment consider only a few dimensions of the human experience, such as our thoughts and behaviors. But humans are complex systems; we're more than just our minds. As therapists, we've found that a multidimensional approach, one that considers the whole of our experience, is more effective for the treatment of trauma.

Through the simultaneous delivery of psychotherapy and bodywork therapy, we use our Ensemble Method (EM) to address the five dimensions of trauma: the body, energetics, behaviors, emotions and beliefs. As therapists, we work in tandem to address experiences comprehensively, helping our clients recover from dissociative states, anxiety, depression and related symptoms resulting from abuse, neglect and traumatic experiences.

Our approach has proven incredibly effective for the treatment of complex trauma and helped shorten the journey from suffering to relief.

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Diagnostic Consulting for Therapists

For trauma therapists, it's not uncommon to arrive at an impasse with a client, where you feel like a usually reliable therapeutic approach just isn't having an impact, or you've tried all the tools in your toolbox. You may be ready to bring fresh ideas into your practice and want professional recommendations and guidance.

At The Trauma Recovery Place, we offer diagnostic consulting for therapists seeking new perspectives and approaches in the treatment of trauma. Our work includes in-depth diagnostic consultation and actionable recommendations to help you get unstuck and move forward in your work.

For those looking to learn more about our Ensemble Method, we offer seminars, retreats and trainings to help you advance and grow in your practice.

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Meet Our Therapists

The Trauma Recovery Place was founded by trauma expert Xue "Sue" Yang. A practicing psychotherapist since 2007 and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Sue was first drawn to Somatic Experiencing for the answers it holds to treating dissociation and distress held in the body, and for its grounded, neurobiological approach to healing trauma. Sue works hand in hand with bodywork specialists Amber Grant and Lacey Klem. Amber practices several modalities including craniosacral therapy, Somatic Experiencing and energy medicine. Lacey rounds out our practice with her expertise in Reiki and trauma-informed medical massage.

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"Working with the nervous system with someone as skilled as Xue is surprisingly comfortable, very effective and amazingly and immediately helpful in dealing with trauma, anxiety and acute stress."

— SJ

"I worked with three different practitioners before finding the Trauma Recovery Place, and while each one was helpful, I certainly wish I'd found Xue and her practice first. There are many different practices out there that claim to heal trauma, and I've tried quite a few of them, but anytime I find myself out of sorts, I know that the bodywork will bring me back home."

— BJ

"Working with the nervous system with someone as skilled as Xue is surprisingly comfortable, very effective and amazingly and immediately helpful in dealing with trauma, anxiety and acute stress."

— SJ

"By far the most effective therapeutic intervention I have ever done—and I’ve worked with at least five therapists. Xue is the only therapist I’ve ever met that combines both modalities–the somatic and the linguistic. The results have been life-changing. I feel free, self-resourced and equipped to move through life more anchored in my body and at ease with what being a fully functioning human being requires."

— JO
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