Individual Therapy for Complex Trauma

At The Trauma Recovery Place, we specialize in treating complex trauma using the proven tools of Somatic Experiencing and body and energetic work such as Cranialsacral or Reikii. Our customized treatment plans and innovative Ensemble Method address the driving factors behind your symptoms to shorten the journey from suffering to relief.

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Who We Work With

Many trauma therapists work with clients who experience moderate anxiety and fear. By contrast, we work at the most intense end of the trauma scale. Our work is focused on helping our clients recover from dissociative states, fear or terror, depression and related symptoms resulting from abuse, neglect and traumatic experiences.

If you're looking to find out if we're a fit, it may help you to know a little more about the people we typically work with. Our clients are successful adults who share many traits in common, including a high degree of intelligence, willpower, competence and awareness. On the outside, they appear to be flourishing, while on the inside, the destructive effects of trauma are unabating. At the beginning of our work together, we often hear our clients say:

–   I have no idea who I am.
–   I feel like I'm living in a movie.
–   I feel like a bystander, watching the world passing me by.
–   I have no connection to anyone or anything.
–   I don't feel real.
–   I feel a deep sense of disconnection.
–   I feel so disconnected, I want to kill myself.

Because they're adept at hiding their suffering, many of the people we work with have been misdiagnosed with high anxiety, personality disorder or bipolar disorder. They come to us after spending years in therapy and trying everything to find relief, from psychotherapy and psychotropics to inpatient stays and experiential therapies.

If this experience is familiar to you, we can help.

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What to Expect

Our goal in therapy is to address the driving factors behind your symptoms, so you can experience relief and begin living with ease and flexibility. While therapy can be intense and difficult, our work also involves moments of levity, laughter and joy.

Your sympathetic nervous system, the one responsible for fight, flight, or freeze serves an important function in self-defense and self-preservation. But the body isn't meant to live in a constant state of fear and hypervigilance. It's the job of the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the sympathetic and allow you to feel a sense of calm and ease.

In therapy at The Trauma Recovery Place, you can expect to feel a difference beginning with your first session. Our method helps your nervous system shift out of being stuck in the sympathetic (fear, hypervigilance) to the parasympathetic (ease, calm). When fear abates and balance is restored, you gain a clearer perspective and the ability to again feel love and comfort.

The efficacy of our approach is evident in the amount of time clients typically spend in therapy with us, which averages between two and five years in duration. And while every person is different, some clients experience relief in as few as eight sessions.

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Customized Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are fully customized, and our work begins with a two-part initial consultation. The first session consists of discussion and a physical evaluation to assess your nervous system, subtle body and physicality. The second session comprises a presentation of our findings and a recommended plan of treatment.

The Ensemble Method, which includes the simultaneous delivery of psychotherapy and bodywork therapy, is a core component of treatment. Depending upon your treatment plan, location and availability, you can also expect to work individually with our therapists. Your plan may consist of individual psychotherapy and energy sessions delivered virtually, alongside in-person Ensemble therapy sessions. Treatment is assessed on an ongoing basis, and plans are modified according to your individual needs.

Pricing + Sessions

Individual Therapy Details + Pricing

The information below outlines our pricing structure. The total cost of therapy varies depending upon the length of time and frequency of sessions that occur throughout our therapeutic relationship. Please note we are a private-pay practice and considered out of network for insurance.

Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length and may involve one or both therapists.

Two-Part Initial Consultation

Psychotherapy Sessions
50 minutes  $260
additional 30 minutes  $155
50 minutes (with family)  $415

Bodywork / Energy / Sensory Integration Sessions

Ensemble Therapy Session Fee
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