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Here you'll find a collection of tools we’ve created to help you on your healing journey. These free downloads include information about how the nervous system responds to trauma, trauma’s effects on our relationship with ourselves and others, and commonly shared experiences on the path to healing. 

We encourage you to explore these resources and let us know which you find most helpful. If there's something you'd like to share with us, or if you're looking for more help through therapy or consultation in your practice, we invite you to get in touch.
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The Spectrum of Relational Boundaries
It’s helpful to understand the permutations of boundaries and how they work, and to be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy boundaries. This tool provides you with an overview of the ways you may show up in relationships and how boundaries function within them.
The Path to Healing
People often follow a similar path as they move from being traumatized to thriving. You can use this tool to better understand where you are on your healing journey, so you know where you’ve been and what to anticipate next.
The Map of Human States
Healing requires us to look beyond our emotions and behaviors to the whole of our experience. Use this tool to see how your emotions, behaviors, beliefs, energy and biology all contribute to the healing process.
How the Nervous System Responds to Trauma
If you’ve experienced trauma, it’s important to know that your nervous system responded exactly as it needed to for survival when the trauma occurred. This tool allows you to understand what you may experience as a consequence of trauma, and why it’s time to provide your nervous system with new information, so you can shift out of a survival response and return to a state of equilibrium.
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