Diagnostic Consulting for Therapists

We offer diagnostic consulting for therapists seeking new perspectives and approaches in their practice, including our unique Ensemble Method for the treatment of complex trauma.

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Finding Opportunities at an Impasse

It's not uncommon for trauma therapists to arrive at an impasse with a client, especially when working on the complex end of the trauma scale. You may feel like a usually reliable approach just isn't having an impact, or you've tried all the tools in your toolbox, without meaningful change or result.

We understand this experience. In our practice, we often work with patients who've been referred by other therapists, when their work together has stalled. This can be frustrating for patients and therapists alike when both parties are struggling in their search for answers.

Through diagnostic consulting, we provide professional recommendations and guidance to bring fresh ideas into your practice. We draw on our deep expertise in treating complex trauma, and insights from our highly effective Ensemble Method, to provide you with in-depth consultation and actionable recommendations, so you can get unstuck and move forward in the work you do so well.

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What to Expect

Consultation is customized to address your individual needs or a specific case within your practice. Our work includes an initial diagnostic session to assess what's working and the challenges you're facing, and guidance and recommendations for adjusting and complementing your work with new approaches.

We may recommend tools and techniques from our areas of specialization, including Somatic Experiencing, Attachment Trauma, Transpersonal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, medical massage, Reiki and energy work. Our integrated approach has proven highly effective and efficient in the treatment of trauma, especially in sustained or intense cases where other approaches have proven insufficient. The breathing and visualization exercises we teach can be of benefit to you personally, and serve as tools for use within your practice.

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Diagnostic Consulting Details + Pricing

Individual diagnostic consulting sessions are 80 minutes in length, and may take place virtually or in person.

Consulting Session Fees
Xue Yang  $260
Amber Grant  $190
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